RBAZ isn't just an organization, we are a family.


Camila was diagnosed with RB when she was 5 weeks old, 10 June 2005. Because her mom, Melissa, had bilateral RB we knew it was genetic and had Camila screened right after birth. At one week old all was clear, but 4 weeks later she had two tumors in her right eye.

She underwent surgery for her Broviac-Hickman port and started chemotherapy and laser treatments at 7 weeks old. Unfortunately, after the first use of her Broviac, it infiltrated and had to be removed. She then underwent surgery for placement of her Port-acath. This one was located just under her skin in her chest. She went through 6 rounds of 2-day session out-patient chemotherapy at Phoenix Children's Hospital, and several laser treatments. Unfortunately, the smallest of the tumors was the most difficult and kept reoccurring. Dr. Amy Leaverant sent us to Dr. Lynn Murphree at Children's Hospital LA. Dr. Murphree inserted a radiation plaque in April of 2006. The tumor still reoccurred. Finally after another attempt at another laser treatment, it became apparent that the tumor had started to seed and needed to be removed. Camila's right eye was enucleated 15 January 2007 at Children's Hospital LA by Dr. Murphree.

We thought that would be the end of it, but it wasn't to be. The pathology report came back and reported that her tumor had gone threw her eye and exposed her orbit bones to cancer cells. The only option for us was more- very aggressive- chemotherapy. She started her treatments in-patient at Phoenix Children's Hospital under the watchful eye of Dr. Terry Wood. She was in and out of the hospital for at least a week or more at a time for the next 5 months. Her last treatment was 20 May 2007.

But, four years later- Camila is a beautiful, very happy and healthy little girl. She just started the 1st grade and loves school and playing with her friends. Because of all the chemotherapy that she received, she is now hard of hearing and wears hearing aids. This, so far, has been the only repercussion of all the chemo she had, but it hasn't slowed her down and all and she takes everything in stride. She goes to speech and language classes at her school and she's doing fantastic.