RBAZ isn't just an organization, we are a family.


Hi, I'm Sarah "Sassy" Outwater, a twenty-seven-year-old bilat. RB survivor. I lost both my eyes to retinoblastoma when I was three years old. I received my treatments at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and still work with them for follow up care. I went through chemo, radiation, the whole nine yards, but they were unable to save my eyesight. I joined RBAZ when I was in college, to help and inspire other cancer kids and their families, but I wound up being inspired and helped by them just as much if not more. The families I met through RBAZ and the sense of belonging that I found there brought healing and strength to me and my family while I was going through surgeries related to my RB. Plus, RBAZ was a great excuse to have fun and connect with people who wouldn't give me weird looks when I say I had eye cancer. My mom and I fell in love with the RBAZ community, and found so much love and support there, and we have always tried to give that back.

Two years ago, it was discovered that I had secondary brain tumors due to radiation damage from my RB treatments. I survived those too, but am still receiving follow up care and treatment. I currently live in Burbank, ca, and work in the music industry. I may not be in Arizona anymore, but mom and I are still available for parents who need a friend, a shoulder, or a gentle reminder that Blind or sighted, healthy or sick, there is always hope, love and hands willing to help. My mom and I are always available to any parents or kids who need to talk. We've been there, and we made it through. We are here to help you get through it too, so don't ever hesitate to reach out. Whether it's practical advice, a friend when you visit CHLA, a place to stay, or someone who just gets it... You are not alone.